Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Simple Faith by Anna Schmidt

     After losing her beloved husband and daughter and surviving Hitler's Sobibor death camp, Quaker widow Anja Steinberg dedicates her life to helping others and keeping her son safe. As a member of the resistance, she helps displaced Allied airmen get back to their units in England. The journey is rigorous and filled with danger and there is no time for romance. Then American Peter Trent parachutes into her life. She must face facts-her heart did not die with her late husband and true love could be hers again. But will a romance hurt Peter's chance of escape from the Nazis-and endanger her life as well?

This is the next book in a grouping that, while they aren’t my normal genre to read, I thought I would read in an attempt to broaden my reading lists.  So if you like to visit my page to get some insight into what men enjoy reading, hang onto your thoughts as some of these books may surprise even me.  This book is book 2 in the “Peacemaker’s” series by Anna Schmidt.  While it may be the 2nd in the series, this book can be read as a stand-alone. 

Peter Trent is on his first mission and like most guys flying into enemy territory, he is scared of what the outcome may be.  When the plane is shot down, he finds himself hurt and being rescued by a young boy who helped him hide in the ditch away from the Nazis.  His mother, Anja, already part of the movement to help soldiers, is busy defending off a group of Nazis that have ransacked her grandparent’s house looking for any Americans that were on the plane that went down.  When she finds out that Daniel has helped hide the soldier, she is both angry and impressed.  As the process begins to reunite Peter with his country, so begins the journey of these two strangers.  Across enemy lands, being pursued by Nazis, danger around every mountain passage, can Anja deliver Peter to safety?  Will this be the rescue that puts Anja and her son’s life in danger?  Get on board for the answers to these questions and many others when you BUY THE BOOK!!!

Ok, so maybe these books are beginning to grow on me, and not just because I’m just an old softie at heart.  Having not read the first in the series, I was a little concerned that I may be lost in picking this up instead of the first one.  No worries though, this is a solid stand alone read.  This is also my first book by Anna Schmidt.  I enjoyed her writing style, I liked the way that the story flowed, each piece of action building upon the one before it.  I could picture this book as a movie, I could even see where the producers or directors would break for a commercial.  I like that, I like that there were times that I was holding my breath, then the author would allow me to breath, then I was holding it again.  All of this taking you to the final crescendo where…… Well, that wouldn’t be right if I gave it away, now would it?  J

Is this a "guy's book"?  It could be.  This had action, suspense and danger.  The perils that the characters face as they make their way towards freedom would keep any guy interested.  The romance angle was there, but it was made to be a part of the story, not an addition to the story.

About The Author

The author of over twenty historical and contemporary novels, including two series set in Florida’s unique Amish/Mennonite Gulf Coast community, Anna Schmidt is a three-time finalist for the coveted Romance Writers of America RITA award and a two-time winner of the Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award.
When not writing, she tends to her garden, knits prayer shawls for hospice patients—she recently lost her husband to an eight-year battle with pulmonary hypertension, and says she has hauled so many seashells home from Florida beaches that somewhere in the future archeologists may believe there was an ocean in Wisconsin!
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  1. I got the first one free on the Kindle and looking forward to the series! Sounds awesome!