Sunday, March 9, 2014

Down & Dead in Dixie by Vicki Hinze

To live, sometimes ya gotta die! Daisy Grant is in a heap of trouble. She stumbles into a mob turf war and now somebody wants her dead. Daisy may be small-town to the bone, not at all the kind of woman to deal with the Southern Mafia, but she knows how to get creative fast! 

Enters the way-too-attractive Mark Jensen... He didn't mean to rescue anybody, and he certainly didn't mean to go on the run because of a stubborn, sassy woman. Soon they are up to their ears in so many wacky characters they don't know who's on their side. Daisy and Mark decide that to live, sometimes ya gotta die. And sometimes to die right takes . . . practice. 

There aren’t many times that I’m at a loss for words, but this is definitely going to be one of those times.  How do you write a review about a book that changed every idea that you have ever had about how a mystery book performs?  Each time you think you’ve “figured it out”, “knew what would happen next” and “saw where this was going” the book twists and turns you in a different direction.

So you’ve just witnessed a murder and you’ve found out that not only was the victim a member of a notorious mob family, but you’ve also found out that the assassins were members of another notorious mob family.  What to do, what to do?  Enter witness protection of course!  Except their track record for keeping people safe from these mob families isn’t reassuring.  The last option, then, is to “kill” yourself.  When that doesn’t work to perfection, you run as far away as you can with a newly created identity.  Will this help Daisy stay ahead of the mob families and the authorities looking for her?  Where can she run and feel like she can ever be safe? Is there anyone that she can trust?  It be easier to answer these questions if you would BUY THE BOOK!!!

As I mentioned earlier, as I read through this book, I was always priming myself for “what was going to happen next” or “I know where this is heading”.  When the going got rough for the main character, I knew the path the author would take her down, already knew what she was going to encounter and knew the outcome.  Boy was I wrong.  This author does not allow you to take a confident stroll through her book, she wants you right beside her, holding her hand for comfort the whole way.  Her characters, while strong and independent in their own ways, form a bond as they learn that they have to rely on one another to make it to the end of the book.  The writing is unique and is sure to please even the strongest critics out there with humor thrown in along the way to keep everyone interested.

Is this a "guy's book"?  This book takes you from the beginning and never lets you go as it twists and turns down a very intriguing story.  Murder, mayhem, mobs and malarkey (it’s the only other “m” word I could think of) will keep you turning page after page in this book.

About The Author

Vicki’s first published novel, a romantic suspense, was a bestseller that sold in nearly a dozen foreign countries. Since then, she’s shifted writing focus several times. After co-creating the first single-title open-ended continuity series, she turned to military life and has been credited with a Career Achievement Award for being one of the first to write military romantic suspense, military romantic intrigue, and military romantic thrillers. Recently, she has shifted focus to Christian fiction. Her willingness to take risks and blaze trails has won her many prestigious nominations and awards.

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I received this book from the Book Fun Network in exchange for my honest opinion.

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