Saturday, May 5, 2012

Frantic - by Mike Dellosso

Can a deranged serial killer be stopped before it s too late?

For gas station attendant Marny Toogood it s just another day on the job when an urgent message from a young girl in the backseat of a car draws him into a daring rescue attempt. Now on the run with the girl and her brother, Marny begins to realize he must conquer his own past and surrender all to Christ.

As they face kidnapping, underground cults, and other evils, can Marny trust the simple faith of a child and stand his ground against a power so twisted?

This is the latest book by author, Mike Dellosso.  I've enjoyed all of his other books and I'm always keeping an eye for when his new books release.  Mike has a way of taking such a simple beginning, such as the message from a young girl in this novel, into a ride for your life.  I will say that there were times here that I could sense the character wanted to just give up and quit, but as the book progressed, so did his resolve to help this young girl.  It's always interesting to me when I hear authors speak like their characters in their books have their own minds and do things on their own.  With "Frantic", though, I could see that happening myself.  Mike writes the lead character, Marny, with such inner turmoil and conflict through-out this entire book that it wouldn't have surprised me to see him throw his hands in the air and say "That's Enough!"  This novel took me just a couple of days to finish because there was so much action, just reading "one more chapter" never seemed to be enough.  

So my opinion of this novel is definitely "two thumbs up".  Mike Dellosso once again provides us with a terrific story line that will leave you "Frantic" as you read the end.

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  1. I was on the edge of my seat and looking over my shoulder when I read this one!!