Sunday, March 19, 2017

Home by Ginny Yttrup

What happens when we just “check out” of life?  Maggie has hit a brick wall in her writing and it seems to have spilled over into her marriage as well.  In her mind, the daily struggles are happening more and more and Craig doesn’t seem to be able to pull her out of her funk.  Craig is struggling with a sharp downturn in work and finances which are leading to some heart-wrenching decisions.  With Maggie off on a self-imposed retreat to meet her writing deadline, Craig feels as if he’s battling on his own.  Can their marriage survive this time in the wilderness or will all of this be too much for them to overcome?  No sense in worrying about it, just go BUY THIS BOOK!

This book is another great example of why I enjoy any book by Ginny Yttrup.  She writes from the first person perspective, but alternates each chapter with a different character.  This gives you some great insight as the story unfolds into not only the character interactions, but also what they thought and intention was for those interactions.  Her characters are not fake, as they seem to be just like me or anyone that you know.  I guess that’s what makes you feel so committed to their situation and hoping that everything turns out for the best.

Is this a "guy's book"?  This doesn’t have any major suspense or action scenes, but it does show you a man who’s willing to fight for his wife and the life that he knows God intended him to have.  With that being said, then yes, this should be a book that every guy reads.  

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About the Author

The opportunity to write is the fulfillment of a life-long dream. Through the tumultuous years of my childhood, I lost myself in the stories I read. There, in the world of fiction, I escaped the trauma I faced and found a place of safety and rest. Now, I’m the one writing stories I hope provide a place of comfort for others.
Although, I have written about other issues I’ve struggled with, like body-image and weight (Invisible). Regardless of the issue I’m writing about, I work to identify emotions I’ve dealt with and then assign those emotions to my characters. As women, we feel things, even if we’re thinkers. So I work to make my characters emotionally layered, conflicted, yet infused with hope and sometimes, humor. Just like us.
I love spending time with my two young adult sons, Justin and Jared, my daughter-in-love, Stephanie, or with the small circle of dear friends who enrich my life in so many ways. If I can spend time outdoors or gathered around a food-laden table with those I love, it’s even better. 

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