Monday, June 27, 2016

Deep Shadows by Vannetta Chapman

Life in Abney, Texas, is predictable and safe—until the night a massive solar flare wipes out all modern technology.   Shelby Sparks, novelist and single mom, had one goal: to provide for her diabetic son. In the wake of this global disaster, her mission hasn't changed. Only now, medication is a priceless commodity and the future resembles an apocalyptic nightmare.

Max Berkman and Shelby were once sweethearts, but he lost his chance at claiming her love years ago. When the abrupt loss of power ushers him into a leadership role, he rises to the occasion. But his highest priority—to keep Shelby and her son safe—could prove to be the biggest challenge of all.   As the brilliant northern lights give way to deep shadows, Max and Shelby's faith will be tested like never before. Only one rule remains: Find a way to survive.

Isn’t it great when two great products combine to become one really super, duper thing?  What would Reese’s be if there wasn’t chocolate in my peanut butter, what would Twix be without that soft nugget and caramel?  In this same way, I’m so excited that Vannetta Chapman has finally penned a novel in the suspense genre!  I can finally read a book by Ms. Chapman and be able to find out what makes this author so exciting to everyone else.                                                                                                                                                                   

Seeing the Northern Lights should always be on a bucket list, but never as far south as Texas.  Shelby knows this is a sign of impending danger and the airplane falling out of the sky put an exclamation mark on that thought.  As Shelby, her neighbor Max and their friends make their way down the mountain, it becomes apparent that those beautiful colors in the sky are causing havoc everywhere.  As the sounds of additional explosions continue, the friends hastily make way for their small town.  All power is down, cell phones are silent and most of the cars are dead weights in the middle of the road.  Amateur CBers are finding out that this interruption of the power, etc. isn’t isolated to their small town, it’s happening around the globe.  The government and the townspeople begin strategizing on short and long term solutions to their current situation.  Within days, criminal elements are already looking for a way to exploit “The Flare” to their own gain.  Can they join together as a community and help each other out during this time or does every man begin to fend for himself?  If the power does every fail, you won’t be able to read this on a Kindle, so go to your local bookstore and BUY THIS BOOK!!!

This is the first in a new trilogy by Vannetta Chapman.  I tell you that so that you understand this book doesn’t provide you with a final resolution, it only gets you 1/3 of the way there.  The good news is that means you still have 2/3 of this series to long for, I know that I will.    Have you ever woke from a nap and had such a vivid nightmare during that nap that you feel you are still inside that nightmare?  That’s how I was reading this book.  No one was home so I had the TV off and only 1 lamp on in the house.  Whenever I’d stop and take a drink of water, my mind would be telling me to conserve that water since I wasn’t sure when the power would be back up and water would be flowing freely again.  Yes, I know that’s silly, but that’s how I felt while I was reading this book.  Ms. Chapman has developed characters and a small town that just beg to be helped and I for one am ready to offer my assistance!

Is this a "guy's book"?  Yes, Yes a thousand times YES!!!  Planes falling from the sky, police chases, political upheaval, gun fights, etc!  This book has it all and has such a great story flow that I was able to finish this in one afternoon.  I can’t believe I have to wait for the next book to come out and then even longer for the ending in book 3.  Either way, this is a definite MUST PURCHASE for any guy who loves these end of time stories.

About the Author:

The first thing you need to know about me is that I write Fiction full of GRACE.  Every plot is different. The characters change. Some of my books are mysteries, others are novellas, and some are romances. But they all are stories of light, hope, and truth. Stories that at least for a moment touch the deepest places in our heart.  Tales that whisper hope. That speak of family and community. That remind us of God and His love.

What do I write? If I had to reduce it to four words, I suppose I’d say I write Fiction full of GRACE.


  1. Thanks so much for your review! I'm glad to know that it IS a man's book too. :)

    1. It was a terrific book. Thanks for stopping by!