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The Road to Testament by Eva Marie Everson

Ashlynne Rothschild never wanted to be a people person. She learned a long time ago that the more she protected herself from the details of people’s personal lives, the better off her life would be. So it comes as a surprise when she finds herself liking—if not loving—the good, God-fearing people of Testament, North Carolina, where she is sent to earn her chops as a reporter. And it is with some anxiety that she unearths a story that could turn these people against her. Beneath the picturesque setting of the Blue Ridge Mountains, secrets are buried—one secret in particular. Keeping it hidden would go against Ashlynne’s journalistic integrity, but publishing the story would hurt those she’s learned to love—even her gruff, unapproachable boss, William Decker, who harbors mysteries of his own. Ashlynne has two options: run away or expose the truth of Testament . . . whatever the cost?

It’s funny sometimes how books find their way to me.  This book was one that I received from the author because she stole my question during an author chat that we were both attending.  I told her since she stole my question, that she owed me her newest book.  About a week later, “The Road to Testament” was in my mailbox and I was on my way to reading, and now reviewing, this book.

Unlike most people her age, Ashlynne has her life all planned out.  Working for her family magazine, she knows that as soon as her Grandmother retires, that he father will take over and she will move into his role.  A position that she feels is just hers for the taking.  When her Grandmother announces her retirement, Ashlynne finds out that her father won’t let her take over his role until she moves up to North Carolina to a newspaper owned by friends of her Grandmother’s and makes some changes in her life.  Assured that six months will pass before she knows it, she heads up to fulfill her obligation to her father.  Never having been out of Florida, she isn’t quite prepared for what life is like in a small town in North Carolina.  As she digs up secrets that have been buried for years, she also digs up feelings for her new boss that she hasn’t felt in a long time, if ever.  Can she make it through 6 months so that she can get her position back in Florida? Why is her new boss so mean to her and why can’t she stop thinking about him? What kind of secrets does she uncover and will this small town ever be the same again after everything is aired? Wait till halftime of the football/basketball game and then go BUY THIS BOOK!

So as I sit here and think about this book and whether or not I liked it, I’m really perplexed.  This book was what I consider a very solid read.  There weren’t any plot twists or turns that came out of left field.  The story line flowed from beginning to end with great character formation and brilliant descriptions of locations.  I could picture this book being made into a movie, a great Hallmark Channel movie that you sit down with the family on a Sunday night and watch.  At the same time, there wasn’t anything that really stood out that made this book exciting.  I appreciate the strength of the writing and the way everything fell into place, but there were times I would have liked to see something explode or somebody get gunned down, but that’s the “guy” side of me talking.

Is this a "guy's book"?  Not in the sense of suspense and intrigue, but definitely because it is a great book.  There’s nothing overtly romantic about this book, even though there is romance involved.  This is a contemporary novel about second chances and redemption and being able to take a different look at what makes you happy in your world.  There isn’t very much suspense, but there is a great side story about some uncovered graves and who they might belong to that makes this book one that would be enjoyed by anyone.

About The Author

I was born and reared just outside of Savannah, Georgia. Yeah, I have a southern accent. It gets a little more southern every time I cross the Florida/Georgia state line.

If I had all the time in the world, I'd probably lie on the sofa all day and watch old movies. I usually have to get sick for something even close to that happening.

I can quote entirely too many lines from Pretty Woman (You do? You think I've got potential?). In fact, I quote lines from movies and songs so often that most people are unaware of what I'm doing. I may or may not have offended some folks. If I have...I'm sorry.

I'm an ex-nurse and a seminary graduate. I hated nursing but love God with a passion and can hardly get through a conversation without talking about our relationship! I think the Old Testament is totally FUN to read (I mean, HOW much stuff can one clan of people get in to?) and the New Testament draws me closer to Heaven. Yeah!

I'm married even though my hubby had to have his wedding band cut off due to an infected spider bite. The nurse said either that or the finger would fall off. I was going for the second option, but was alone in that. :) Now he wears it on his right hand. I can live with that. We have kids and grandkids and two absolutely adorable dogs, Hope and Poodar.

You can connect with Ms. Everson at the following locations:

Eva Marie Everson's Website
Southern Voice Blog

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