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Memory's Door by James Rubart

With a victory against the Evil One under their belts, the four of the Prophecy have managed to bring even greater adversity their way.

In Soul’s Gate, Reece, Dana, Brandon, and Marcus—the four of the Prophecy—were set free from some of their deepest wounds.
Now the four must stand against the Enemy's continues assaults—and try to determine how to prevail against the dark manifestation of The Wolf mentioned in the Prophecy.

But the Enemy isn’t going to make that easy. Circumstances in each of their personal lives affect their unity and commitment to the group. Three enigmatic men appear and none of the four can get a true sense of whether these men are intimate allies . . . or diabolical enemies. And if that’s not enough, the Enemy has begun torturing them with visions of what their lives would be like if they could reverse their greatest regrets—if they’d made the right choices.

These four have seen amazing things in the spiritual realm. But faith can become even more difficult when it's influenced by sight.

Oh sweet day!  Another novel by Jim Rubart.  And not just any novel, this is the continuation of the great “Well Spring” novels.  Hang onto your hats, we’re going in!

The members of the Warriors Riding are back and preparing for an even bigger battle this time.  Reese is still struggling with the loss of his vision and how that will affect the warring that is taking shape against The Wolf.  Brandon’s singing career continues to skyrocket, but an injury to his vocal chords may spell trouble for his future.  Dana is enjoying a rise in her employment status at the radio station and Marcus is battling with personal issues at home with his teenage daughter and a new boyfriend.  If all of this isn’t enough, the group comes under fire from a charismatic radio personality bent on outing the Warriors Riding for the malicious group that they are.  When will the prophecy foretell Reese will get his vision back? Can Brandon get his career back on track?  Will Dana continue to climb the corporate ladder? Are Marcus’ personal issues an attack from The Wolf and can they be overcome? Questions, questions and more questions that can all be answered when you BUY THE BOOK!

There’s nothing more exciting to me than to be able to read a book that causes me to do research.  As he did in “Soul’s Gate”, Jim Rubart opens my eyes to possibilities that I’ve never considered.  I love the descriptions that he uses as the Warriors enter a soul, such vivid details that paint such a realistic picture of what those battles would look like.  The battles that rage in this book showcase the battles that we face each day in our walk, but battles that are important to who we become.  The introduction of Carson as “the mainstream Christian”, sure brings a lot of great discussions to the table.  One of the main themes through this book is “regret” and how we need to release those things that are holding us prisoners to decisions and actions of the past.  These “regrets” keep us from enjoying the life that He has planned for us.  Once again, Jim Rubart has another great hit on his hands!

Is this a man’s book?  This book is definitely a man’s book.  Not only for the action and pace of the book, but because it also has a message that we all need to hear loud and clear!

Some thoughts from Jim Rubart

Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?
No! Which is tragic. I love finding new authors, but my life has been slammed with writing so I haven’t had a great deal of time to read lately. I am reading a few novels for endorsement, but as wrong as this seems, I’m reading less nowadays than I did before becoming an author. 

What are your current projects?
As you know, Memory’s Door, the second book in the Well Spring series just released. That means book three has to be in the works and it is. It’s finished and is in the polishing up stage. It’s called, The Spirit Bridge and releases next spring. Also, I’m starting work on the novel after which comes out January of 2015. It will be a stand-alone novel and I’m just starting to play with ideas for that one.

How are you the same/different from you main character, Reece?
A great question. People ask me how I’m like my characters, or where they come from. I think you can only write what you’ve experienced, either in reality or in your imagination. So there’s a great deal of me in all four of my main characters.

I worked at radio stations for ten years, so there’s a lot of Dana (a radio station manager) in me. I play guitar so Brandon (world-wide musician) is the expression of my dreaming of being a recording artist as a kid, Marcus is the part of me that loves teaching and exploring things like quantum mechanics, and Reece is that part of me that likes to lead, that wonders why I took so long to step into the arena I’m in now, and that loves photography and the outdoors.

And their struggles are mine as well, some real, some imagined. You’ll have to guess which are which.

Why do you feel you had to tell this story?
There are two major themes in Memory’s Door: An attack from what I believe is the greatest enemy of the church; religion. The second theme is regret. Regret is devastating because it not only chains us to the past; it keeps us from living in the present and future. As I wrote this novel I was going through my own personal and spiritual crisis revolving around regrets in my own life. I had to get free, and I did. So in a sense, this book is like a personal journal played out for the world to see.

You were just given a new Yacht, what would you name it?
If I were to go with a woman’s name, there’s no question it would be my amazing wife’s name: Darci. On this rollercoaster writing journey she has been my editor, counselor, best friend, inspiration, and muse. There’d have been no chance of success without her.

If I went with another name, it would be, Freedom. I think everyone has a theme/message at the core of their lives, be it grace, forgiveness, joy … mine is freedom. Jesus came to “heal the broken hearts and set the captives free.” My desire is to be a small part of his doing that through my novels and my life.

If you were to create a slogan for your life, what would it be?
On my website the first thing you see is, “live free.” That’s the slogan for my life. It’s what I often don’t do, but want to do. I want to live in the freedom Jesus came to give us. (Gal 5:1). It’s what I want to help others step into when they meet me. It’s what I want to see for my wife and sons and friends. If we know the Son, we will be free indeed. So I want to know him, and know the freedom that comes from that intimacy. All joy, all life, all freedom starts and ends with our friendship with him.

Twitter: @jameslrubart

James L. Rubart is the best-selling and Christy award winning author of, ROOMS, BOOK OF DAYS, THE CHAIR, SOUL’S GATE, and MEMORY’S DOOR. During the day he runs Barefoot Marketing which helps businesses and authors make more coin of the realm. In his free time he dirt bikes, hikes, golfs, takes photos, and occasionally does sleight of hand. No, he doesn’t sleep much. He lives with his amazing wife and teenage sons in the Pacific Northwest and still thinks he’s young enough to water ski like a madman. More at

James L. Rubart takes readers deeper into the world he began in Soul’s Gate (a 2013 Christy Award winner) with Memory’s Door (Thomas Nelson), the second book in the Well Spring series.

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I received this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion.  I was not required to write a positive review.

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